Organization is the safety work assurance. so the project as the leader of the safety organization



Organization is the safety work assurance. so the project as the leader of the safety organization, includes vice project manager of the execution, vice manager of quality and safety, are a Engineers, specialist engineers, construction teams, engineers relevant and the foreheads relevant, all of above to be the organization members.



1- Project Manager:

Responses for whole site safety construction methods, safety construction and so on, keeps the whole in safe and security.

2- Performance Manager:

Directly responses for the safety construction, supervises and arranges all kinds of safety construction works and does the inspection work according to the specification and regulations, make the recorder. Supervises  the progressing safety construction work, adjusts the wrong actions and eliminates the elements which would effect the safety construction cooperated with relevant departments, arranges the project’s management department’s safety actions and safety education, supervises the labour protection things distribution and its usage.

3- Project Technology Engineer:

Constitute project’s safety technological methods and partial projects safety construction methods, supervises the methods to be executed fully, settles the problems met in the construction technology.

4- Electrical Engineer:

Ensures all the construction plants and equipments used in the safety condition, supervises the plants operators complying with usage instruction when they operate the plants, and inspects all of the electrical equipments on safety.

5- Foreheads (Specialist Engineers):

Response the safety work execution under the leader of the upgrade of leaders instruction, constitute the partial projects safe construction method, educate the workers safety instruction before execution and supervise the working teams safety learning.



1- Establish the safety management system:

establish the safety action inspection methods and do the recorder.

2- Safety Education:

Safety education is not only the most important part of the construction corporation on safety management, but also the performance site safety construction management. The characters of the safety education: All staffs participation, long period and specialization.


3- Setting up of the safety construction facilities:

To ensure the safety construction during the execution duration, the safety and fireproof facilities should be finished before the staring of the work according to the relevant specifications.

  1. Put up safety construction picture post, larger catchphrase and safety reminding signs for reminding all the works to pay attention to the safety construction at any time at the access to the site and the dangerous site.
  2. All the workers working in the site should wear safety helmets, safety shoes and the protecting glasses. The welders, electricians and other specialist workers should wear all of the protecting things to protect them from hazardous and renew or change the protecting things while broken or damaged.
  3. Hang the reminding sign on the distribution board and switch box to forbid any others, except the specialist to turn the switch on or off. All the electrical driving parts should be protect with cover, all the distribution boards should set the creep age protector with the earthing protection. Ensure that each electrical machine has its own switch, protect the electrical equipments and the switch boxes with shed or weather proof shed to ensure and the machines can keep working normally.
  4. Anti-corruption works should be done in the area with good ventilation and enough light, the operators should wear polyethylene or leather gloves, polyethylene shoes and respirators.
  5. Hang safety sings at the storages, or wood, oil or some other easily flamed and explosive things storage places, or even the area will use flame at the site of the construction. Set fireproof equipments and part-timing fire fighters to prevent or control the fire if occurred.
  6. Set up fire hydrant on the site, equip with enough fire proof equipments, no materials storage allowed in 5 meters around the fire hydrant.
  7. Protection falling from scaffold.
  8. “Four openings” protection: includes the protection of the access opening, pre-casting opening, staircase opening and the elevator opening.
  9. Margin protection to prevent from dropping.
  10. Protection of the crossing work.

4- Construction Plants used in safe:

There are lots of construction plants and equipments used in the project, such as tower cranes, concrete transportation pumps, material lifts, middle or small type of equipments, keep all the construction plants and equipments used in safety situation is very important for the damage or harm to the operators and also the operators should completely comply the equipments operation rules and regulations, especially the tower the cranes and the concrete transportation pumps.

5- Use Electricity Safely:

  1. Usage of the electricity of the construction site should constitute the special usage method, execution after getting the approval of relevant management department.
  2. Make safety records for all the temporary electricity usage according to the relevant specifications.
  3. Electricity usage should be managed by some specialists with qualification.

6- Site Fireproof Methods:

Strengthen the fireproof education; strictly comply with all the relevant fire proof management rules and regulations.

7- Environment Protection:

The environment protection is another important part of construction execution of the projects. Reduce the noise, dust, sewage letting to comply with the standards and specifications, reduced the transportation leakage, harmful chemical materials and oil leakage. Forbid the fire and explosive from happening, saving the consumable materials such as; paper, power and water, reduce the solid garage, use material in proper way reducing the pollution in environment.